The Book of Psalms presents a collection of poems from thousands of years ago, as contemporary and relevant today as they were at the time of their composition. A creative epic, Psalms spans the breadth of human emotions and experiences. It serves as an unflinching reminder that joy and sorrow—gratitude and fear—are realities of the world. The wide spectrum of feeling is integral to our complex lives, and there is room for all of this in our relationship with God.

The Psalms offer us expressions and reflections on our life with God, with each other, and with creation itself. Through the timeless words of the psalmists, we experience camaraderie and connection with those who have come before us as well as with our communities today. We are united in our experience as children of God, as human beings attempting to make sense of the world around us. Through earthy tones and rich natural imagery, this Book of Psalms explores the central themes of joy and lament and invites us to draw close to God.