Perhaps more than any of the other Gospel accounts, the Gospel of John highlights the wonder and mystery of Jesus. Less concerned with providing a straightforward synopsis of the life and ministry of Christ, John luxuriates in rich and evocative language, inviting us to experience the beauty of God’s relentless pursuit of humanity. From the opening verses, the Gospel of John ruminates on the astonishing presence and power of God that we can only begin to perceive. Through delicate and ethereal imagery—of peering through the mist or pondering beyond the veil—we seek to accentuate the reverence and wonderment of this book. 

John's Gospel paints a compelling picture of God’s purposes and plans for creation, made manifest in Jesus. While there is much we may not comprehend, this book moves us to take comfort in the knowledge that we are loved abundantly. Our God is—and was, and always will be—good.