The Wisdom books of the Bible invite us to contemplate the diversity of the human experience. Encompassing a variety of genres and literary styles, these books explore themes of beauty, love, joy, and sorrow, and reflect upon the nature and character of God.

Songs of Songs is a book of evocative poetry centered around the universal human desire of love. Job reflects upon some of life’s most profound questions and invites us to bring our laments and questions to God. Ecclesiastes ruminates on the fleetingness of life, encouraging us to embrace the present moment for all its potential joys, sorrows, profundity, and mundanity. Proverbs offers teachings and traditions of wisdom, passed down through generations, encouraging us to live our lives well. And finally, Psalms shares raw and honest poetry illuminating what it means to connect with God in the midst of our complex lives.

Together, these five Wisdom books engage our hearts and minds as we contemplate what it means to live a life of faith. They invite us to draw closer to God and to consider our lives—from our daily rhythms to our overarching desires and ambitions—with intentionality.