Finding Purpose on Concrete: Jonathan Todryk

In conversation with the concrete-painter on optimism, the intersection of God and creative materials, and why he never throws away a canvas.

Jon Collins Explains Everything: An Interview with the Co-Founder of The Bible Project

We discuss the Portland-based studio, Jon's creative process, and why he doesn't think of himself as a storyteller.

Victoria Park Explores the Connection Between Acting and Reflecting God's Image

We talk with Victoria about her start in Hollywood, her acting methodology, and trusting God in the highs and lows of the creative journey.

Adaobi Ugoagu Is On A Mission

We talk with fashion blogger/model Adaobi Ugoagu about the intersection of fashion, art and justice.

The Flow of Jonni Cheatwood

A visit to the studio of the internationally renowned painter/sewer. We discuss Cheatwood's creative practice, his thoughts on "calling", and why he always paints on six canvases at a time.

Kathy Khang Teaches Us How To Raise Our Voice

Author Kathy Khang discusses her latest book and the role that Christian artists can play in activism and community engagement.

Artificial Christian

A sit-down with hip-hop group Artificial Christian.

The Creative Tension of Darren & Trisha Inouye

We interview creative couple Darren & Trisha Inouye about their creative process and what it takes to run an art school.

Jae Jin Music

An interview with the musician, and his new song, "Heart Smiles".

The Creative Nomad—Jonathan Martin

We discuss the evolution of Martin's creative career and the importance of talking about mental health as an artist.