We're honored that you're interested in using your writing talents at ALABASTER. ALABASTER strives to be at the intersection of creativity, beauty, and faith. We write on topics ranging from creativity and work, to devotionals, to spiritual rhythms/practices—all to help people grow with God. Our mission is to create good and beautiful work that expands people's understanding of God and inspires people to make work that serves others.

To submit an article for ALABASTER, contact us at hello@alabasterco.com. We are open to both pitches as well as submissions, however, a submission is highly preferred. This will give us a sense of your writing style and voice to see if it would be a good fit. If a submission is accepted, it can then lead to more frequent writing opportunities in the future—where pitches become the norm.

That said, we are always open if you would prefer to pitch ideas!

For submissions, a Word doc is preferred. Please include your name and a 1-2 sentence bio.

In your email to hello@alabasterco.com, please format the subject line as the following:
"Alabaster Writing Submission - <full name> - <title of submission>"

In addition to publicizing the work on multiple Alabaster channels, we also pay for any work accepted by Alabaster. We currently pay $50 for a 500-word piece.

Please see other Alabaster writings on our website for voice and style. Please note that all writing will be edited for length, grammar, content, style and tone. Revisions will be run past you for approval.