Hope Prayer Candle
Hope Prayer Candle

Hope Prayer Candle

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Hope Prayer Candle: Includes bamboo, jasmine, floral notes, nature, and warmth to find joy amidst the present moment and delight in a brighter future—blossomed through a grounded trust in God.

Details and Materials: This soy wax candle is hand-poured in the USA in collaboration with Musee, a Mississippi-based company providing dignifying jobs to vulnerable, under-resourced individuals within the community. The vessel is made from an off-white ceramic. The weight is 10.5 oz with a 70-hour burn time. It also includes a box and pamphlet-insert with reflections on the theme of hope.

Candles have long been used throughout the history of the Church. The use of 'votive' candles are customarily lit to symbolize prayer intentions. Candles are widely utilized during the season of Advent to symbolize a season of waiting and preparation.

Our intent is to honor the long-standing role candles have played throughout Church history. Whether used for prayer intentions, liturgical structures, or symbolism towards God—we believe the candle can be a helpful tool in creating a more beautiful faith life. Each of our candles is complemented with reflections on a different theme important to the Christian faith. We hope it can serve as a point-of-departure for deeper spiritual contemplation, and that it helps you experience God anew. Amen.

A note about our candle vessels: Our candles are handmade, with the goal of capturing something unique. Each vessel is one-of-a-kind and finishes will vary. Slight markings and variations in color are natural and normal.

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