Thorncrown Chapel
Nestled in the lush forests of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Thorncrown Chapel is a soaring structure of glass and wood that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings. Designed by renowned architect Fay Jones, the chapel is a testament to the beauty...
Epiphany Reflections
"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."
Contemplating Christ’s Divinity in Infancy
Approaching the Christ child with wonder.
Rhythms of Rest
From the very beginning of creation, rest is a gift given to us by our Creator.
Experiencing Art as Worship
Let us engage in our making with a worshipful heart, following the example set for us by God, and living into the gifts, skills, and talents we have been given.
Coming to the Table
Embracing the invitation of Luke 11.
Living Out of Shalom
What does it look like to live out of God's vision of peace in our daily lives?
The Song of Simeon | Advent Week Four
Exploring what happens on the other side of Christmas.
The Song of the Angels | Advent Week Three
Rejoicing in the promise of peace.
The Song of Zechariah | Advent Week Two
Meditating on the Advent invitation to pause and listen.
The Song of Mary | Advent Week One
Advent is a time for joyful remembering and retelling.
Thanksgiving Reflections
Exploring the season of gratitude through the lens of Acts 4.
Spiritual Disciplines—On Hospitality
Certain spaces and people hold the ability to welcome others into rest. We call this trait hospitality and it comes from a place of love.
Practicing Patience
When trouble plagues us, we can patiently weather the storm because we are anchored in our trust, our relationship, and our love of Jesus.
On Restoration and Renewal
Discovering an encouraging and hopeful narrative for the future
Embracing Peace
Peace is what guards us because it is rooted in the promise of life with God.
Hope As Resistance
To hope is to resist giving in or giving up. To hope is to believe this world is not the way it’s supposed to be—that this world is not yet all that it shall become.
Seeking Beauty
For as long as humans have tried to seek beauty, God has been pouring it out in love.
Stewarding Grace
God bestows grace upon all of creation. May we be moved to respond to this gift within our daily lives.
On Spiritual Mindfulness
Moments of quiet contemplation, of slowing down allow us to rest in the company of our Creator as we move through the situations around us.
The Goodness of God
What does “good” actually mean? Ultimately, what defines the criteria for goodness?