Latest Post: Creativity, Faith, and Cooking

"What if we reimagined cooking's purpose? Our daily routines of food-making would not merely serve purposes of utility or quick-fixes, but involve an exploration of our creative and spiritual lives." 

Latest Post: Creativity, Faith, and Cooking

"What if we reimagined cooking's purpose? Our daily routines of food-making would not merely serve purposes of utility or quick-fixes, but involve an exploration of our creative and spiritual lives."

Art and Creativity

Belonging to a Community of Creatives: Shared Ownership over God's Creative Mission

An invitation to know that as creatives we are not alone. We are part of a collective that has spanned thousands of years—and it is good. Amen.

On Becoming Creative: Practical Tips from Alabaster's Co-Founders

We talk with Bryan Chung and Brian Chung about their tips for cultivating a life of creativity.

The Art of Journaling in an Age of Noise

A place to keep our thoughts, faith, and relationships grounded.

Creativity as Devotional Practice

A reflection on how we can approach the creative process as a devotional practice.

When You Get There, Remember That You Were Carried By The Spirit

We reflect on what it means to remember God's role in our creative lives.

The Creative's Role in God's Invisible Kingdom

On bringing the invisible, intangible qualities and attributes of the Kingdom into this visible world.

Overcoming Barriers to Creating: Lessons in Beginning Again and Again and Again

A reflection on the necessity of creatives trying again and again in the face of failure.

A Reflection on Poetry in Scripture

Thoughts on how God reveals Himself through poetry.

A Theology of Making

A primer in developing a theology of creativity.

Art Is The Symbol That Moves Us Towards Restoration

We explore the prophetic edge of art and how it points towards renewal.


Finding God in Mystery and Wonder

How mystery and wonder invites us to seek God in newer and deeper ways.

Afternoon Practices to Cultivate Creativity

Faith practices for creativity during the afternoon, "midday" slump.

Evening Practices to Cultivate Creativity

Thoughts and lessons on how to finish your day well.

Morning Practices to Cultivate Creativity

Two lessons in keeping the morning sacred and why this matters for our creating.

Letting the Psalms Shape our Spirituality

A guide for integrating the Psalms into our daily spiritual practices.

A Meditation on Lent, Suffering, and Creativity

We reflect on the intersection of suffering, faith, and the creative process.

Our Lives As Clay Pots

A devotional to help creatives find Jesus in the ordinary.

Lenten Reflections on Noah, the Flood, and God's Universal Covenant

A meditation on Genesis 9:1-17, and God’s unending commitment to humanity.

Recovering The Garden Experience In Our Creative Calling

In the midst of a culture of speed and efficiency, we are invited to courageously advance creativity by reaching back to its simple origins.

Letting Jesus Sustain Our Hustle

A reflection on the ways that we can invite Jesus into our work.


The Flow of Jonni Cheatwood

A visit to the studio of the internationally renowned painter-sewer. We discuss Cheatwood's creative practice, his thoughts on "calling", and why he always paints on six canvases at a time.

Jon Collins Explains Everything: An Interview with the Co-Founder of The Bible Project

We discuss the Portland-based studio, Jon's creative process, and why he doesn't think of himself as a storyteller.

Victoria Park Explores the Connection Between Acting and Reflecting God's Image

We talk with Victoria about her start in Hollywood, her acting methodology, and trusting God in the highs and lows of the creative journey.

Adaobi Ugoagu Is On A Mission

We talk with fashion blogger/model Adaobi Ugoagu about the intersection of fashion, art and justice.

The Creative Nomad—Jonathan Martin

We discuss the evolution of Martin's creative career and the importance of talking about mental health as an artist.

Jae Jin Music

An interview with the musician, and his new song, "Heart Smiles".

Artificial Christian

A sit-down with hip-hop group Artificial Christian.

The Creative Tension of Darren & Trisha Inouye

We interview creative couple Darren & Trisha Inouye about their creative process and what it takes to run an art school.

Kathy Khang Teaches Us How To Raise Our Voice

Author Kathy Khang discusses her latest book and the role that Christian artists can play in activism and community engagement.


A Chapel in the Earth

A creative reflection on our visit to Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, AZ.

Grundtvig's Church

The monumental church, constructed by Peder Vilhelm Jensen-Klint in Copenhagen—in honor of N. F. S. Grundtvig.

Reflecting a City

We visit the Los Angeles Cathedral, and discuss its relationship to the city.