Best Bible Study Apps for Women

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The digital age means we are more glued to our smartphones than ever. Therefore, why not utilize this to digitize the way we carry out Bible study?  For Christian women, this is a fantastic solution as it means that your Bible study can be carried everywhere with you in your pocket. As well as a plethora of wonderful Bible study apps, there are also some Bible apps that are specifically geared towards women! 

We have compiled a list of our favorite Bible study apps for women that allow you to deepen your understanding of God’s Word no matter where you are in the world.

First 5 App

First 5 app

First 5 is a revolutionary Bible study app that ensures you start your day the right way. Every weekday morning, the app will provide you with a short Bible passage, as well as a relevant teaching that lets you reflect on what you just read. 

Busy women often find it hard to find time for themselves, let alone time for God. With First 5, you can ensure that you are spending time every day with the Lord, studying His word, as it only takes five minutes each morning. First 5 allows even the busiest of women to make sure that a daily conversation with the Lord is a part of their routine. 

Bible App by Olive Tree

Olive Tree Bible App

Bible Study App by Olive Tree is an immensely popular Bible app that has thousands of happy users. It is extremely aesthetically pleasing, and is perfect for the Christian woman on the go as it does not require WiFi to be used!

Its super simple layout provides you with a Bible reading every day and has the options for you to highlight, annotate, and bookmark any passage you wish. There are also paid plans available that are specially curated for a deep understanding of God’s word. 

She Reads Truth App

She reads truth Bible App

She Reads Truth is a Bible study app that not only provides you with an opportunity for digital Bible study, it also exposes you to a vast community of like-minded Christian women who also study the Word of God. 

She Reads Truth contains multiple Bible translations, as well as the ability to digitally bookmark and highlight specific Bible passages. You can also embark on one of their entire Bible reading plans to help you get started on your journey with God’s word. Furthermore, you can create an online profile to share, comment on, and connect with Christian women from around the world who are on the same journey as you. 

Blue Letter Bible App

Blue Letter Bible App

Blue Letter Bible is another extremely popular Bible study app, and for good reason. It is designed for women who are looking to connect with God’s Word on a deeper level. This is achieved through the app offering over 15 different translations of the Bible, so you can compare, contrast, and gain deeper meaning from the Word. Furthermore, there are over 8000 commentaries within this app, so you can take your Bible study to the next level. 


There are a number of Bible study apps that can help guide Christian women as they engage with scripture. Depending on your focus, there will be a great Bible app that fits your exact wants and needs. With all the options available on the app store, make sure to choose the Bible study apps that suit you and help you grow into a closer relationship with Jesus and a better understanding of the truth of God's Word.

As you lean into scripture, consider a Bible study that invites you to explore the story of God's love for the world in new ways, such as The Good and Beautiful Bible Study from Alabaster.