Story of the Nativity

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When we think of the Nativity, we often have certain images of a compact scene in our minds that reflect the miniatures laden around mantle places and homes each Christmas. But the Nativity was not this clean—it was messy and spread out. It was beautifully orchestrated. In many ways, it is still echoed in the moments just after the Christmas day festivities “end” and families settle in to clean or rest. It is a timeless tale that reminds us of the incredible love that God has for us. In a world that is often filled with fear and uncertainty, the birth of Jesus brings us a message of hope and peace.

Summarizing the Christmas Story

The story begins in the town of Bethlehem, where a young woman named Mary is visited by the angel Gabriel who tells her that she will give birth to the son of God. Mary is frightened by the news, but she trusts in God and accepts her fate.

As the time for the birth of Jesus draws near, Mary and her husband Joseph set out on a long journey to Bethlehem. Along the way, they face many challenges, including a lack of lodging in the crowded town. Eventually, they find a stable where Mary gives birth to Jesus.

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The birth of Jesus Christ is not met with fanfare or celebration by the people of Bethlehem. In fact, it is only a small group of shepherds who are visited by a host of angels, praising God and telling of the birth of the savior. The shepherds, filled with awe and wonder, set out to find the baby Jesus and pay him homage.

When they finally find Jesus, they are struck by the simplicity of the scene. The baby lies in a manger, surrounded by his loving parents and the animals of the stable. Despite these less-than-assuming conditions, the shepherds recognize the specialness of what they are witnessing, and they are filled with a sense of peace and joy.

How the Birth of Jesus Continues to Inspire Us Today

As we reflect on the Christmas story, we are reminded of the incredible faith of Mary, who willingly accepted a challenging and unexpected role in God's plan for the world. Her trust in God's plan, despite the difficulties she faced, inspires us to likewise adopt a posture of faithfulness. Although there was much about the message delivered by the angel Gabriel that she did not understand, she said yes to God, opening herself up to divine transformation. And in doing so, Mary gave birth to the one who seeks to restore us all.


The humble circumstances of Jesus' birth also remind us of the importance of humility and simplicity. Amidst a season that is often focused on material possessions and superficial appearances, the Nativity reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas: the celebration of the birth of our savior. This good news of great joy for all of creation.

Allowing the Holy Spirit to Lead Us

As we embrace the Christmas season, let us reflect on how we might live out the good news of the season, not just on December 25th, but every day of our lives. Let us ruminate on the values of love, generosity, and compassion that are at the heart of this story. Despite the many challenges and hardships that we may face in our own lives, the Christmas story reminds us that there is always the potential for new beginnings and fresh starts.


As we reflect on the nativity story, we can draw strength and inspiration from the unwavering faith and determination of Mary and Joseph. We can give thanks and praise like the shepherds and the angels. And we can be reminded of the incredible love that God has for us. In our own lives, we can strive to embody the same spirit of hope and perseverance, and seek to bring joy and light into the world around us.


The Nativity story is a reminder of the humble beginnings of Jesus and the love that God has for all of humanity. It is a story that has inspired people for centuries and continues to inspire us today. As we celebrate the holiday season, let us remember the true meaning of Christmas and the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ.