The Best Christian Home Decor

Alabaster's Gospels Hardcover on a coffee table by a cup of coffee

Finding home decor that represents you and your family is one of the most fun parts of decorating your own space. For people of faith, home decor can also help keep your faith present in your life, adding extra meaning and encouragement to your space. 

Choosing beautiful Christian home decor that suits your style and space can be difficult. We've compiled this guide, with recommendations for the various rooms of your living space to spark inspiration.  


bed room decor

We begin this list with a few ideas for decorating your bedroom area. A room intended for rest and relaxation, your bedroom is a place to be decorated with care. Look for pieces that make you feel calm and soothed. Incorporate decorations that will evoke sleep and peace.

Prayer Candles

Create a place of warmth and beauty with a set of prayer candles from Alabaster Co. This bundle includes the Hope, Peace, and Strength prayer candles. Candles are a wonderful way to symbolize your prayer intentions. Place these on a nightstand for an easy way to brighten up your area and focus on your faith in the mornings and evenings. 

These are wax candles hand-poured in collaboration with Musee and have a 70-hour burn time, so they will last a long time. 

Tapestry Blanket

A tapestry wall hanging is a great way to bring inspiration and joy to a bedroom. These tapestries can even be placed on the ceiling so you can look at them while you’re relaxing in bed. Choose a wall hanging with a verse from scripture that you find meaningful and a style that suits your room. Each time you glance at it, it will be a reminder of the wisdom and promises of God.

Living room

living room

Moving on to the living room, we offer decor suggestions for one of the spaces most often inhabited. The living room is the common area of the home; a place for family and friends to gather together. Fill the room with reminders of God's love for the world.

Art Print

One of the most common decor options is to hang posters. Elevate your home with a framed art print instead. Furthering Alabaster’s dedication to creativity, beauty, and faith, the Art Print Series highlights four limited-edition prints selected by the Alabaster team. Printed using quality, Archival Matte Art Paper, the artwork comes with a museum-quality handcrafted white frame. Adorn your walls with thoughtful art that speaks to your faith.

Bible Books

Bring the full text of the various books of the Bible into your home design. Created to resemble a coffee table book or high-end magazine, Alabaster Bibles are an amazing way to incorporate the word of Scripture into your decor.

Entryway or Foyer


As the first part of your house guests will encounter, the entryway is an integral place to decorate. Set the tone for the rest of your home with these decor suggestions.

Welcome Mat

Make your guests feel welcome from the moment they step foot on your door step. A thoughtful mat to remind you of the promises of the Spirit sets the tone for the decor that awaits inside the house.

Wall Clocks

Be reminded of the goodness of God each time you check the time with this faith-inspired wall clock. With a lovely floral design, this clock is perfect for you entry way.


Home decor is a way to express yourself. As you choose pieces and plan your space, your unique style will shine through and make each room come alive. For those looking to express their faith through their style, we hope that this list can be a jumping off point.

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