What Are Spiritual Practices?

What Are Spiritual Practices?

In our daily lives, taking care of our health is vital. We care for our physical health through exercise and a healthy diet. We address our mental and emotional health through counseling and therapy. Our spiritual development and spiritual health are equally important. To that end, we can look to spiritual practices to help us continue to grow.

What is a Spiritual Practice?

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Spiritual practices are disciplines and actions that bring you closer to God and strengthen your relationship with Jesus. Like any relationship, your relationship with God requires consistency and commitment. Spiritual practices are ways in which you can deepen your understanding of God, and allow you to live your faith in your everyday life. They invite reflection and help us to establish regular rhythms for praying and listening to our Creator.

What Are Some Different Types of Spiritual Practices?

Having defined what spiritual practices are, let us now explore some of the different types of spiritual disciplines and practices and how we can adopt them into our daily rhythms. These spiritual traditions have a long history within communities of faith, giving structure and form to our experience of the divine.

Living God’s Word

The most prominent spiritual practice and the one that will bring the most to your spiritual life is simply living the Word of God. Conveniently, it is also the most simple! The Word of God is laid out in the Bible and provides wisdom, guidance, and encouragement for a life lived in hope, love, and peace. 

Abiding by the Word of God deepens your spiritual connection with our Creator, as well as enriches your daily life on Earth. This is the most simple of the daily spiritual practices, as it is very easy to live the Word of scripture every day, and will add so much to your relationship with God. 


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Prayer is one of the most popular spiritual practices, and for good reason too. It is a deeply personal spiritual practice, and unique to each person. Think of prayer as a way to have a conversation with God. It allows us to explore our feelings, look for guidance, and express gratitude for the life that God has given us. It is also a great opportunity to listen to what God has to say. Incorporating prayer into your everyday life makes your connection with God stronger and more personal. The Holy Spirit offers guidance and wisdom and assists you with the various challenges of life

Bible Study 

We have already talked about living the Word of God, but have you ever thought about studying it? Bible study is a spiritual practice that lets you get close to the Word of scripture to really analyze what God has to say to God’s people. Bible study is easily incorporated into everyday life—many people like to start their day with it as it means the first conversation of the day is with God.

Get personal with it. Use different colored pens, annotations, and bookmarks to reveal what the Bible is saying to you. The better you understand the Word of God, the better you will be able to live it.

Build a Supportive Community

With the commitments of work, family, and friends, life these days is extremely busy, and it can be hard to find time to directly focus on your relationship with God. That is why the spiritual practice of building a supportive community is so important. 

Spending time in this community will allow you to spend time focusing on God and prioritizing your personal relationship with Jesus and those with a similar faith. In this community, you can not only hear and reflect on scripture, but you can seek guidance on how to foster a closer relationship with God by learning from and discussing with your friends and family. 


Whether you want to pray, study the Bible, or live by the word of God, engaging a spiritual practice can help strengthen your spiritual journey. If you do these things consistently, you can build a beautiful relationship with God. 

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