The Bible Beautiful.


Visual imagery & thoughtful design integrated within the

text of the four Gospels for a beautiful reading experience.




The set is now complete & available

exclusively on AMAZON.



Our Story:


Goodness and truth are two values often used to describe the character of God. In addition, Christian theologians have long described beauty as a third inseparable reality which together with goodness and truth, paint a full picture of who God is. The Church was once the center of beauty – cathedrals, Renaissance paintings, stained glass windows – all helped people both experience God and describe Him. 

Our modern society is looking to re-engage in these questions of beauty.

Today in our growing visual culture people are creating beautiful content through images more than ever before. Instagram allows anyone to craft and curate beautiful photography, and we share our everyday moments through platforms like Snapchat, Vine, or Tumblr. 

We’ve become a culture that cares about beauty and is visually engaged. 

When we look at bible design though, it has remained relatively the same. There have been few attempts to integrate imagery, typography, and layout design within the biblical text to engage with our rapidly growing visual culture. Similar to old master Renaissance artists, who looked at the Scriptures and created these beautiful pieces of art from them, we wanted to do the same - and asked ourselves, "What would that look like today?” 

Alabaster aims to give the reader a fresh visual experience and heightened level of contemplation while reading this ancient text, that ultimately points to the beauty of God.


The Gospel Set: