Best Christian Mother's Day Gifts

Alabaster's Psalms and Proverbs being gift wrapped

Mothers and mother figures play such an important role in our lives. Caring for and supporting family at all stages of life is incredibly hard work. That’s why we’re grateful for the opportunity to let our moms know just how much we appreciate them.

This year, as Mother’s Day draws near, we’ve put together a list of thoughtful and meaningful Christian Mother’s Day gifts that will help you show your mom how much you love her. We’ve divided our gift recommendation into four different categories to enable you to choose the items that best suit the Christian woman (or Christian women) you’re celebrating.

Gifts for Spiritual Development

Our first category of unique gift ideas is perfect for encouraging and supporting your loved one’s spiritual development. Whether they are looking to spend more time reading scripture or are looking for reflections and resources to speak into their lives, these items will make fantastic gifts.

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Towards Rest

An original content book from Alabaster, Towards Rest, explores the qualities of rest within our daily lives. In our busy world and busy lives, the notion or intention of rest can often fall by the wayside. This book is meant to move us towards rest, into recovering its wisdom and consequence in our lives. As we contemplate and practice these many qualities of rest, may our personal lives be rejuvenated, our families strengthened, and our communities reoriented towards justice and peace. And may we rest with God. 

The Complete Collection

Give beauty this Mother’s Day with the Complete Collection of Alabaster Bibles. Each book contains the complete Biblical text alongside intentional design and photography to help reinforce and illuminate the central themes. It's a meaningful gift that combines spiritual reflection with home decor; each book is so beautiful, she'll want to display them!

Everyday Theology - Bible Study Book

If your mother is looking to learn more about the central questions and beliefs of Christianity, the Everyday Theology Bible study book may be the perfect gift. Divided into approachable sections, this study guide illustrates the interplay between our daily lives and the fundamentals of the faith. In a sea of available Bible studies, this book can have an immediate daily impact on your mom's life.

Gifts to Spark Creativity

Our next category of gift ideas is intended to speak to your loved one’s creative side. For the ones that seek and create beauty and find themselves struck by inspiration. Our hope is that these Mother's Day gifts will complement the artistic endeavors of their recipients and encourage them to continue creating.


Alabaster Notebooks

Perfect for journaling, note-keeping, or sketching, Alabaster notebooks are always beside you for when inspiration strikes. Whether you prefer hardcover or softcover, lined, blank, or dotted paper, there is a notebook for you. Available in dark grey, light grey, and tan.

All That Is Made

All That Is Made is a guide for readers exploring the intersection of creativity and faith. It is a first step, the beginning of a conversation that allows readers to engage their faith and creativity against the larger backdrop of the God who has made all that is made. A perfect gift for the creative women in your life.

Images of Grace: An Inspirational Coloring Book

Sometimes, even as creatives, we are in need of an inspirational message. The Images of Grace coloring book is perfect for these moments, providing a simple and creative outlet alongside meaningful and encouraging passages from Scripture.

Gifts that Inspire Fun

For all the hard work moms do to keep us going, they are also incredibly fun. This Mother's Day, give a gift that taps into your loved one’s joyful side, with these Christian gifts designed to make her as happy as she makes you.

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Strength Prayer Candle

Mothers are some of the strongest people around. Celebrate that strength with the Strength Prayer candle from Alabaster. Made in collaboration with Musee, this candle is invigorating and grounding. A perfect companion for a day of excitement or an evening of relaxation, the Strength Prayer candle is a gift any mom would love.

Casey Wiegand Picnic Blanket

This beautiful picnic blanket featuring custom art designed by Christian artist and blogger, Casey Wiegand, is perfect for anyone who likes to relax in style! It's perfect for lounging at the park with a friend or spending a day at the beach or lake, yet beautiful enough to use as an accent piece in your home. Perhaps you're planning to celebrate Mother's Day with a fun day out; this blanket could be a beautiful and fun addition to the festivities.

Faithbox Mystery Box

Give the gift of surprise and whimsy with this mystery box from Faithbox. Filled with a selection of Faithbox’s most beloved items, the mystery box adds extra excitement to the gifting process. A perfect introduction to Faithbox and a great way to discover new faith-based brands, this box includes 13 items for any Christian mom to enjoy.

Gifts that Make Her Feel Special

Finally, we offer a few gift suggestions intended to show your mother just how special and important she is. Of course, all of our recommendations are designed to celebrate the mothers in your life. When paired alongside these ideas, you can take the opportunity of Mother’s Day to shower her with love.

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Proverbs 31 Mobius Bangle Bracelet

“25 She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. 26 When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness.” —Proverbs 31:25-26

Commemorate this famous wisdom from Proverbs as well as your mom’s best qualities with this elegant bracelet. Engraved with this Proverb about a virtuous woman, this piece of jewelry is a beautiful way to remind mom of these words of Scripture as well as a confirmation of the strength and dignity she embodies each day.

A Note From the Heart

A heartfelt addition to any Mother’s Day gift is a thoughtful note or letter. In writing, we are able to express just how much our loved ones mean to us in a format that allows them to treasure our words forever. To add another special element to your note, consider writing it on an Alabaster Notecard.

Quality Time

Of course one of the best ways you can show your mother or mother-figure just how special she is is by spending quality time together. Whether in person or virtually over the phone or on Zoom, setting aside intentional space to catch up and connect is a great way to invest in and celebrate your relationship. Mother's Day is a great opportunity for this, reminding us to pause in the midst of our busyness and give thanks for the maternal figures around us.

Final Thoughts

There are many wonderful options available when you're shopping for Christian Mother’s Day gifts. Whether you're looking for a gift designed to help your mother, wife, or friend grow in her faith, or for something that highlights and celebrates her creative side, we hope that this guide helps you find a gift that will show your loved one how much you love and appreciate her this Mother's Day.