Christian Christmas Gift Guide - Five Beautiful Gifts

Christian Christmas Gift Guide - Five Beautiful Gifts

Every year it seems like Christmas arrives sooner and sooner! We all want to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones to celebrate the holiday, and as Christians, we know that the best gifts are the ones that encourage and inspire us to grow in our faith.

Whether you’re shopping for your husband, your mom, or for the kids, we’ll help you find the perfect Christmas gift that shows the Christians in your life how much you love them and that helps them continue to grow in their faith!

1. Alabaster Bibles

Alabaster Psalms and Proverbs

Printed in full color with gorgeous layout elements, this collection of Bible books brings the God's Word to life, and brings its message’s inner beauty to its outward design. Starting at $32.

Alabaster Romans Christmas

2. Musee Merry & Bright Gift Set

Musee Christmas Gift Set

May your days be merry & bright with Musee's limited edition great gift box. Give the sweetest gift of self-care this season with our exclusive Merry & Bright bath soak, therapy bath balm, candle and matches too! $60


3. InDwell Guide

Alabaster InDwell

An 8-step guide to reclaiming your mental health using visual storytelling, education, practical tools you can use. Co-created by a Christian psychotherapist, life coach, and visual artist, this 344-page 8-step guide includes mental health education that helps you understand your mind, body, and emotions, journal prompts to increase self-awareness, guided exercises to improve your mental health, action plans, and beautiful visuals to guide you to inner wellness.  $75

4. Abundant Life Devotional Journal

Abundant Life Devotional Journal

Are you ready for a remarkable journaling experience? The Abundant Life Devotional Journal consists of 30 weeks of Scripture-based wisdom, therapeutic worksheets, recipes, stickers, artworks, and other creative calls-to-action. $38

5. Three Kings – Winter Blend

Three Kings – Winter Blend Copa Vida

We had a wonderful time selecting three coffees to develop a warm comforting winter holiday blend.  Just like the Three Kings who came bearing Christian gifts, each of these coffees brings something special to the cup.  Though each one is delicious on its own, together they create those festive flavors that helps make this time of the year so special.