Pretty Bibles for Worship | Get Inspired With Beautiful Imagery and Design

A person reading the Bible with an open notebook

Reading the Bible is an important part of a life of faith. The Bible provides the word and teachings of God and it is crucial that we as Christians regularly read and reflect on its text. Despite this, reading scripture can sometimes feel like a challenge. It can be difficult to set aside time from our busy lives to study the Bible and, when we do, the rich and complex language of the Bible can feel like a challenge. 

Finding the right Bible is an essential part of ensuring that you are actively in the Word. And one important consideration is finding a Bible that makes you excited to crack it open to read. Pretty Bibles inspire us with their imagery and design to seek out the beauty of the text within. A beautifully made Bible displays the God-given talents of designers, artists, and photographers--they are created as an act of worship and they invite us into that worship every time we read them! 

 Yellow rose resting on a stack of Alabaster Bibles

How Do I Know What Bible to Buy?

Selecting a Bible comes down to a number of factors, in addition to beautiful design. Depending on your level of experience with scripture and the way you are looking to study and reflect, there are different versions, translations, sizes, and styles to choose from. We’ll help you consider some of these factors first so that you can know what type of Bible to look for when you turn your attention to finding the pretty Bible that inspires you!


There are many different translations of the Bible. In general, there are two main categories that Biblical translations fall into: Word-for-word translations and Thought-for-thought translations. Word-for-word translations attempt to remain as close to original texts (written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek) as possible. They seek to preserve the accuracy of language. This can result in a Bible translation that is good for deep study but is a bit difficult to follow. The original languages of the Bible use different idioms and speech patterns than we use today.

If you are looking for a Word-for-word translation, try

  • The New American Standard Bible (NASB)
  • The English Standard Version (ESV)
  • The King James Version (KJV).

 Man reclining while reading Genesis

Thought-for-thought translations are more concerned with conveying the ideas and concepts of the original texts for modern readers. These translations adapt the language into more familiar English to make the text easier to understand and connect with. These translations are great for new believers, but do sacrifice some of the exactness of a more literal translation.

If you are looking for a Thought-for-thought translation, try

  • The New Living Translation (NLT)
  • The Common English Bible (CEB)
  • The New International Version (NIV). 


Types of Bibles

There are several different types of Bible each designed to better help you engage with your faith. If you are looking for breakdowns of important passages along with maps of the various locations mentioned, you may want to look for a study Bible. If you plan to annotate and take notes or draw as you read, a journaling Bible may be the right choice for you. There are also coloring Bibles, which allow you to actively contribute to making them pretty, and Bibles that include purposefully chosen art and photography alongside the Biblical text to encourage reflection. Think through how you plan to use your Bible and which of these types would be most helpful for you.

 Person reading Alabaster Bibles

Why Choose Pretty Bibles?

Now that you have narrowed down the translation and type of Bible you’re looking for, you get to select the Bible whose cover and overall design most speaks to you! But, you might be asking, why put thought into the design of your Bible at all? Isn’t reading the Bible supposed to be about the text within--shouldn’t we be focusing on Jesus? Of course, the answer is yes! 

When we come to the Bible, we are seeking to meditate on the word of God and to fix our minds on Jesus. Pretty Bibles can help us to achieve this goal.

As discussed earlier, thoughtfully and creatively designed Bibles are made out of an act of worship by the artists who make them. Beauty is a gift from God and something to be celebrated. A pretty Bible can serve as inspiration to worship through creativity in our own lives and can serve as a beautiful tool for encouraging us to spend time reading scripture.

Finding a Bible that is beautiful can help make study times fun and exciting. And journaling space or thoughtful imagery can help us to connect with scripture not only with our minds but also with our hearts. A visually beautiful Bible is a physical reminder of the beauty that characterizes a life dedicated to pursuing Jesus. In short, pretty Bibles can encourage us to spend more time with Jesus.


Top Picks for Beautiful Bibles

Alabaster Co. Complete Collection

Alabaster believes that beauty matters in our understanding of who God is. That's why Alabaster Bibles are designed to be exceptionally beautiful from cover to cover. We explore key themes, historical context, and author intent. Divided into individual books of the Bible, the Complete Collection is perfect for a deep study or close reading of a particular part of scripture. We hope our design and imagery deepen your experience with God. This is a perfect set that will make reading the Bible enjoyable; in fact, the design alone will incentivize you to pick it up time and again. 


  • Visual design and photos break up otherwise long blocks of text 
  • New Living Translation is approachable and easy to understand
  • Books are printed on quality paper using FSC-certified, environmentally friendly practices


  • Not pocket-sized
  • Priced a bit higher than the cost of a basic Bible 


Hosanna Revival Beautiful Bibles

Hosanna Revival is creating unique Bibles with beautifully designed covers. Characterized by their depictions of landscapes and floral patterns, these Bibles are designed to draw you in. Many of their Bibles are also note-taking or journaling Bibles, giving you room to worship Jesus creatively as you read.

Beautiful Bible cover


  • Available in both ESV and CSB translation
  • Plenty of room for note-taking
  • Many different cover designs for different aesthetic tastes


  • Not many artistic/visual elements, save the cover
  • The paper of the Bible is thin


Beautiful Word Coloring Bible

This Bible is intended for you to color along as you read. With lots of inspiring verses illustrated in detailed, ready-to-color line art, the Beautiful Word Coloring Bible combines the stress-relief of adult coloring with Biblical study to help quiet your soul as you reflect on the precious truths of God's words. This can also be used as a journaling Bible, with space provided for you to add your own illustrations and notes.

Coloring Bible cover


  • Very interactive, helps keep you engaged
  • NIV translation is great for deeper study
  • Would make a great gift for the creative in your life


  • The pages of the Bible are thin
  • NIV translation may be more difficult to understand



Pretty Bibles are perfect for Christian women and men looking to worship God through creativity. Psalm 119 tells us, "Oh, how I love your instructions! I think about them all day long." These beautiful Bibles embody the comfort and wonder of the Gospel and encourage to live into the Psalmist's words. May we be inspired to dwell on the word of God every day of our lives and lift up our spirits in worship.