The Best Christian Christmas Gifts for Men

Christian Christmas Gifts for Men

Struggling to think of a great Christmas gift for the men in your life? Whether the man you are celebrating Christmas with is a father, spouse, friend, or mentor, it can be tough to choose the thoughtful present. Often prioritizing usefulness over beauty, it is difficult to find unique Christian gifts for men that aren’t just for decoration.

The following Christian gift ideas are our suggestions for showing your loved ones how much they mean to you this holiday season. From beautiful and eye-catching, to personalized and practical, we'll help you find the best Christian gifts for men in your life this Christmas.

Our Ideal Christian Gift List

The Gospels hardcover


This hardcover book from Alabaster Co includes all four gospels in one volume. Including both beautiful images and 480 pages of the Gospel, this book can be placed on a coffee table to brighten up an area or be read through on a quiet afternoon. The sturdy hardcover makes it perfect for the man in your life. 

Sailboat sculpture


This small sailboat sculpture engraved with scripture is a perfect gift for the Christian man who loves nautical themes. It can be used as a paperweight, or just as general decor for the bedroom or office space to bring some Christian messaging into the room. 

The Good and Beautiful Bible Study

Bible Study

Some of the best Christian gifts invite their recipients to dig into their faith and reflect on the beauty of God. Give the Christian man in your life this sort of thoughtful gift with The Good and Beautiful Bible Study from Alabaster. With 30 original chapters, this study combines artwork, design, premium craftsmanship, and biblical reflections into an easy, beautiful Bible Study experience. A wonderful gift idea for those looking to learn more about the Bible and its wisdom.

Engraved hammer


An engraved hammer is a great personalized gift with a heap of utility. If he is a hands-on DIY type of man, then he’ll appreciate a hammer that can’t get accidentally lost in someone else’s kit when they borrow his tools. This scripture-engraved hammer can also help remind him of his faith throughout the day. 


Christmas shopping for Christian men can be difficult, especially with the range of options available. No matter what you choose, he will appreciate the thought behind the gift. Even so, we hope that this guide will help you select something he will both love and use. All of these gifts can be used both as a conversation piece and as something to bring beauty and faith into his everyday life.

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