The Gift of Alabaster

The Gift of Alabaster


Give the gift that will transform God’s word into a beautiful, thoughtful reading experience.


It’s their special day. Give them Psalms—a book that teaches about the human experience
(no matter their age), and the desire to know God more.

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They’ve found that special someone. Give them a few books from Alabaster, so they can cherish and study them together, forever.
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They’ve achieved new knowledge. Help them steward that knowledge well. Give them Proverbs, a book on wisdom teaching humans (and grads) how to live well in the world. Or the Notebook—for reflection on post-grad hopes, dreams, and callings.


The most meaningful gifts are the unexpected ones. Maybe it’s for someone whose just checking out spirituality. Or maybe it’s for someone in your community. Whatever it may be—we hope it has an impact.