The Book of Genesis is comprised of a collection of ancient poetry and prose ruminating on the beginning of all things. Vibrant and rich, this book serves as the introduction to the cosmic love story between God and humanity. Again and again, across generations and through tempests and tumults, the people of God in the Book of Genesis are equipped and enabled to persevere through the mercy and guidance of the Creator. 

It is a book that is as much a celebration of the beauty and diversity of creation as it is an honest reckoning with the messiness and fallibility of human nature. We use earthy brown and orange tones to emphasize the creative, generative, and compassionate work of God, who creates light in the midst of darkness and who promises redemption in the face of our imperfection. Genesis invites us to reflect on beginnings and encourages us to step into the newness and uncertainty of what is still to come with hope and anticipation.