The Gospel of Matthew
The Gospel of Matthew open, image of ocean and clouds
The Gospel of Matthew Chapter  21
The Gospel of Matthew Chapter 5
The Gospel of Matthew Mountains
The Gospel of Matthew Chapter 9

The Gospel of Matthew

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The Gospel of Matthew: A thoughtful book on promise and fulfillment, showing us what it means for Jesus to be Immanuel, God with us. This book declares the "Good News" of Jesus; he is the fulfillment of covenants, traditions, and laws for a chosen people. Matthew redefines the “chosen people,” inviting everyone—regardless of social, religious, or economic status—to the table. Today, we are invited to be a part of that table, and experience the Good News of Jesus for ourselves.

Softcover Design Aspects: 120 pages, softcover, perfect bound, and printed in full color on uncoated paper in Canada. The dimensions are 7.5 in x 9.5 in. The complete text of each Bible book, with visual imagery and thoughtful design. NLT or KJV translation.

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While not chronologically the first book written, the Gospel of Matthew begins our common New Testament. Matthew introduces us to the wonder of the Good News of Jesus, providing a thoughtful and intentional transition from the Old Testament to the New. The rich history and generational legacy of those who came before—of Abraham, David, Elijah, and Isaiah—are continued and fulfilled through Jesus and the Gospel he embodies. Matthew’s Gospel looks back with compassion and admiration and ahead with hope and inclusion, revealing that the chosen status once reserved for few is now open to all

Through the imagery of continuation, of ages past and futures imagined, we reflect on our connection to one another and the shared vision of Shalom offered to us all by our Creator. The Gospel of Matthew urges us to pause and ponder; perhaps the very thing—the very person—we’ve been searching for has been before us all along. We are invited to enter fully into the restoration of Jesus.

Deepen Your Life With God

Designing Alabaster Bibles start with an in-depth study of scripture. We explore key themes, historical context, and author intent. We hope our design and imagery deepen your experience with God.

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A Beautiful Reading Experience

Reading the Bible can feel intimidating. In common Bibles, the text is small and condensed, the pages are thin. Alabaster Bibles combines imagery, design, and craftsmanship into the full text of each book of the Bible—to create a visually beautiful reading experience. 

Thoughtfully Designed

Beauty matters in our understanding of who God is. Every aspect of our books is carefully considered. Original artwork from around the world, typography, layout design and negative space are thoughtfully weaved into each book of the Bible. Printed on quality paper using FSC-certified, environmentally friendly practices. 

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