Seeking Beauty
For as long as humans have tried to seek beauty, God has been pouring it out in love.
Stewarding Grace
God bestows grace upon all of creation. May we be moved to respond to this gift within our daily lives.
On Spiritual Mindfulness
Moments of quiet contemplation, of slowing down allow us to rest in the company of our Creator as we move through the situations around us.
The Goodness of God
What does “good” actually mean? Ultimately, what defines the criteria for goodness?
Basking in the Love of God
The love of God is infused into all of creation; the wonder and beauty of our world are born directly out of the Lord’s delight and joy.
Stewarding Creation
Creation care is respecting and celebrating the beauty and bounty of the world in which we share and, in so doing, rightly honoring and worshiping the Creator of all.
Spiritual Disciplines—On Lament
Bringing our pains and griefs to our Creator in the midst of a fractured world.
Reflecting on Discipleship
Discipleship is merging our brokenness with the willingness to seek Jesus even in the messiest tangles of imperfections and failures. It is accepting that no fault is unseen and yet grace is given.
On Lectio Divina | Attuning Ourselves to God’s Wisdom
We explore this age-old spiritual practice and cultivate an intentional space for reading Scripture.
Silencing Our Fears
Ruminating on the perfect peace of Jesus.
Moving Forward Through Forgiveness
Reflecting on the healing and restoration of forgiveness through the lens of Ephesians 4.
The Beauty of Easter
Easter offers us the ability to envision a better, renewed, beautiful world. It encourages us to embrace hope, not as a figment of our imagination, but as a tangible goal we can strive for.
Experiencing Quiet Connection, A Good Friday Reflection
Finding community and common understanding in the midst of our pain.
On Courage and Resilience
Relying on God in the midst of the chaos of this world.
Listening with Intention
Adapting our daily rhythms to hear where the Spirit is leading.
Ash Wednesday Reflections
A remembrance of our beginnings as well as what can become our destiny.
On Imagination and Inspiration
Embracing our spiritual imagination to unlock creative inspiration.
Discovering True Love
Reflecting on the unabashed love of God.
On Becoming Creative: Practical Tips from Alabaster's Co-Founders
We talk with Bryan Chung and Brian Chung about their tips for cultivating a life of creativity.
Spiritual Disciplines—On Community and Fellowship
Exploring what it means to intentionally cultivate and grow our communities.
The Unexpected Beauty of Brokenness
Rediscovering the beauty of our lives in the midst of pain and struggle.