Christian Gifts for Men | Perfect Presents for Those Dedicated to Christ

Looking for the perfect gift for the Christian men in your life? With so many products on the market, searching for gifts can feel overwhelming no matter who you’re shopping for. There are plenty of cliche gifts for men--a tie, a shaving kit, a pen, etc. Maybe you want to select something more original but find yourself wondering, "What kind of gifts do guys like most?"

It can be particularly tricky trying to decide on the right present for Christian men dedicated to living their lives for Christ. You want to get them something meaningful--something that demonstrates how grateful you are that God has placed them in your path.

The best Christian gifts for men help to deepen one’s faith and serve as a bold reminder to stand firm in their identity as a man of God. Whether you’re shopping for a spiritually meaningful birthday gift or looking to come alongside the men you love as they grow in their faith, we’ll take you through several unique ideas and help you find the perfect gift! (See also best Christian gifts for women!) 

Types of Christian Gifts

As you shop for the Christian men in your life, you’ll first want to decide on the type of godly gift you are looking to give. Perhaps you are looking for something your loved ones can incorporate into their study of scripture or their prayer lives. Maybe you are looking for a gift that serves some other daily function while also serving as a daily reminder of his favorite Bible verse. We break down the various types of Christian gifts for men to help narrow down the gifts that guys like most.

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Gift Ideas for Spiritual Development

Some of the best Christian gifts take the form of resources that help a man of God incorporate their faith into their daily routines. This might include devotionals and study books to deepen their relationships with Jesus and come alongside them as they live into their vocations as husbands, fathers, and godly men. There are many awesome studies out there designed specifically with men in mind to encourage them to engage with God’s word every day. You can find devotionals written to cover the amount of time that best fits your guy’s needs and schedule, whether that’s a three-week study, a year-long study, or something in between!

Buying a gift for a new believer? Try looking for study books with a clear and specific focus, such as a close look at one particular book of the Bible or a particular spiritual discipline. This is a great way to find a gift that is both spiritually rich and approachable for someone reading scripture as a new Christian.

Another great way to establish healthy spiritual rhythms is by keeping a prayer journal. If you are gifting a daily devotional, you may want to also give your loved one a good sturdy journal to use to write down daily prayers or to answer any reflection questions the devotional may provide.


Top Picks for Gifts for Spiritual Development

Prophet Pairing

This Bible bundle from Alabaster invites readers to reflect on the accounts of two of the Bible’s major prophets, Isaiah and Jeremiah. Explore what it looks like to find hope in God amidst failure, injustice, and suffering, and ruminate on God's sovereignty in the midst of a chaotic world. This is the perfect pairing for anyone looking to dig into their faith.

Alabaster's books of Jeremiah and Isaiah

The One Year Daily Moments of Strength: Inspiration for Men

Written by Walk Thru the Bible, a well-known Christian educational organization, this book is designed for any man of God looking to take time for the Lord every day. Each day’s reading is brief requiring only a few minutes each day, to help establish healthy prayer and study habits all year long.

 The One Year Daily Moments of Strength Book

God's Wisdom for Navigating Life

This devotional by Timothy Keller centers around the book of Proverbs to offering insights into what it means to live our lives the way that God intends. Formatted with one reading for each day of the year, this is a resource that your loved one can go back to multiple times to continue to cultivate a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God.

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Gift Ideas to Celebrate Faith

Another great way to find the perfect Christian gifts for men is to look for items that help your guy to highlight his faith as he goes about his day. These are items that, on their surface, would excite any man regardless of religious affiliation. They are made all the more special by integrating Christian ideas and values into everyday life.

Gifts like this are less geared towards study and instead, serve as reminders of an important Bible verse or as opportunities to give glory to God and share one’s faith with others. This might take the form of a keychain with inspirational verse, or other accessories to carry with them, or inspirational art to display at home or at the office. Choosing a gift like this allows you to search for something a little more personal to the men you're shopping for. Is your brother's favorite Biblical book Jeremiah? Consider gifting him a print of his favorite verse or an engraved journal. Does your husband love his morning coffee? Look for an inspirational mug to start the day off right! Is your son looking for a daily reminder of his commitment to the Lord? Pick out the perfect stainless steel cross necklace for his birthday.

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Top Picks for Gifts that Bring Faith into Everyday Life

Walk In His Footsteps Apparel

This company creates shoes and clothing designed to serve as a constant reminder that we are to reflect Christ in all that we do. Their signature "Cross-Bottom" sandals are a great reminder that Christ is guiding all of our steps. With a subtle and simple style, their shirts and hoodies are clothes your guy will want to wear and can open the door to important conversations about what it means to be a man of God. WIHF Apparel offers your man a stylish way to wear and profess his faith every day.

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Olive Press Co.

Olive Press Co. is a small business creating unique wood prints and gifts. With options for personalization, you can be sure to find the perfect gifts for the Christian men in you're shopping for. Their wood bookmarks are especially cool, a sturdy and rustic way to keep important verses close to your heart. They also offer wooden prints to commemorate important events like baptisms and anniversaries.

 Christian wooden sign

Final Thoughts

There are so many amazing options available when you're shopping for Christian gifts for men. Whether you're looking for a gift designed to help your guy grow in his faith or for something that highlights and celebrates Christian living, hopefully this guide helps you find a gift that will show your loved one how much you love and appreciate him. Next time you're shopping for Father's Day, Christmas, a birthday, or some other occasion, you can be sure the gift you select will be something any man of God will cherish. 

In addition to one of these gifts, consider giving your loved one his own Bible, such as this complete collection from Alabaster.