What Are the Different Types of Prayer?

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Throughout his ministry, Jesus Christ made prayer a priority in his daily life. Speaking to and hearing from God is a constant and ongoing practice of Jesus' in the Gospels. From his time in the wilderness to the Garden of Gethsemene, Jesus prayed.

In our own walks of faith, we endeavor to pray likewise. There are many different types of prayer that can be applied to the various situations of our lives, but they all achieve the same goal—an opportunity to listen to and communicate with God on a personal level. Prayer helps us remain centered and grounded in the promises and peace of our Creator.

Here are six different types of prayer that you and your loved ones can implement into your daily routine. 

Prayers of Adoration

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A prayer of adoration is one that is commonly used during worship. Prayers of adoration express our love and awe for God and the role He plays in our spiritual lives. These types of prayers acknowledge the greatness of God and allow us to show humility as we praise God's power. No one understands you more than God does. Praising God through prayer is an acknowledgment that even in the face of the tumults and upheavals of this world, our Creator is good and in control.

Prayers of Petition 

In times of hardship, we should look to God for guidance and advice. Prayers of petition invite us to ask the Lord for what we need, whether it be material or spiritual. During prayers of petition, we do not simply list our wants and desires like a shopping list. Rather, in the midst of challenging or unsure times, we ask God to reveal to us the way forward and lean upon the Spirit for comfort and strength.

Prayers for Others

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Jesus has shown us the importance of caring for others. Intercession, or praying for others, is a powerful way in which you can express selflessness and kindness towards those in need by lifting up those in your life before God. We should pray as Jesus did, and pray for those who are in need of help and guidance, asking the Holy Spirit to provide comfort and mercy. 

Prayers of Gratitude

It is important that we express our gratitude to God for everything that God has done for us. The best way of doing this is to utilize prayers of gratitude to give thanks. When we express our gratitude and thankfulness to God, we acknowledge the blessings we have been given and remind ourselves of the ongoing growth Christ Jesus is enacting in us. You might want to thank God directly for the role God plays in your life. Or, you might want to give thanks for the wonderful family, friends, or opportunities that God has provided you with. Either way, expressing spiritual gratitude fixes our hearts on the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life. 

Prayers of Self-Reflection

It is not uncommon to experience internal struggles that are difficult to resolve. Prayers of self-reflection allow you to look to God for guidance and strength. The personal nature of these prayers creates an opportunity to listen to what God is saying to you and apply that to your life. This also fosters a closer and more personal relationship between you and Jesus, as it deepens your understanding of God’s plan for you.

The Lord's Prayer

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In the moments when you feel unsure of what or how to pray, consider lifting up the prayer of thanksgiving that Jesus taught his disciples to offer—the Lord's Prayer. Well known to many, this prayer offers us a guide for addressing God. It begins with an acknowledgment of who God is and a petition that our lives be lived out according to God's plans. It gives thanks for the provisions—the daily bread—and grace and forgiveness that God gives us and asks for the strength to follow God's generous and compassionate example in our own lives.


Prayer is a key spiritual practice for a reason. No matter the season or circumstances of our lives, we are able and encouraged to lift up our voices to our Creator. Our God desires to know us, deeply and personally. Prayer enables us to share our hopes, worries, and thoughts with God, and to hear God's guidance and comfort in return.

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